About F.I.G.H.T

F.I.G.H.T. stands for Fanatic International Gathering of Historical Talents. We have created this group because there was a big demand from our actors and volunteers to be able to safely learn how to wield swords and other historical weapons during shows. The original group grew to the school we are today. We are now working together with KDF and are HEMA-certified.

F.I.G.H.T. is a school for (historical, HEMA, show and stunt) sword fighting. We specialise in several different historical fighting styles such as; longsword, shortsword, rapier, axes, daggers, shields, wrestling and many more. Our teachers are enthusiastic about teaching the styles they know and are also open to learning new styles which keeps them on a path of permanent education. We work in blocks where each week we tackle one or two forms of fighting. Each training has the same build-up and every week we let our students know in advance what the lesson will be about so our students know what to expect.

The lesson build-up:

18:30 Walk-in
19:00 Warming-up
19:15 Lesson block 1
20:00/20:15 15-minute break
20:30 Lesson block 2
21:30 Room for free practice or extra training

The training location is

Ontmoetingscentrum De Vlieren (kerk)
Mgr. Nolensplein 1
4812 JC  Breda


If you would like a try-out training or more information, please contact (Call/text/WhatsApp daily between 18:30 and 21:30):

  • STEVEN HEINEMAN 0031 (0)6 42094637
  • LISA-MARIE VERMEULEN 0031 (0)6 20088365